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Is it time to reveal that divinely authentic spiritual coach within?

GoldenRoadAcademy Proudly Presents:

- 8-Weeks to Living Your Spiritual Potential -


The Tested and Proven Methods of This Program birth those latent Spiritual Gifts within you 

and teach you to use them to Serve in an Incredibly Lucrative Spiritual Coaching Practice.


Intuition     -     Empathy     -     Purpose     -     Prosperity 

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This Program derives its methods from tried and tested, proven protocols of Self-Discovery as they are synthesized from the hypnotherapeutic techniques of Zane Wheeler, Clinical Hypnotherapist of the Golden Road. Zane has personally guided hundreds of clients through their shadow to the bright heights beyond and this Course puts that very power in your hands but from the comfort of your home. Discovering oneself through these methods means walking the path of Jungian Individuation (The Jungian Rhythm) within the context of the beautiful Technical Framework of the 3-Selves Model of the Ancient Hawaiian Huna Mysteries.


Prepare for a Marriage of Epic Proportions.


Zane has seamlessly blended these two brilliant modes of personal transformation into a methodology that is unsurpassed in its efficacy. Jung's rhythm sets a tone which serves to inspire enormous clearing within the Spiritual Seeker as you are led down a path of bringing immense light to the dark within. As this path reveals itself along the journey, one comes to see the model of the 3-Selves outlined in the mystery teachings of the Ancient Hawaiian Huna is the perfect context within which to conduct this personal clearing. It is truly a recipe for Personal Ascension. 


If this offer wasn't sweet enough, Zane then helps you bring your true Coaching abilities into focus as you are given weekly Coaching Tactics which apply directly to the clearing that you yourself are doing. He helps you open up to accepting the Abundance of the Universe which will bring you more income to serve more clients.

Is it Time to Free Your Mind,
Liberate Your Heart,
and Learn to Truly Serve the World?

Here's a Quick Look at

The Jungian Rhythm

The Temporal Framework of this Program

The Trajectory of the

Jungian Rhythm


Chart a course to your own Divine Awakening through the Jungian process of Individuation. This path consists of revelation in all forms of Self.


  • We begin with the Mental body and the removal of Negative Thinking and Self-Judgment.

  • Next, the course helps you identify and clear the childhood pitfalls which haunt you to this day. 

  • We then reclaim a solid emotional framework with the resurrection of the Magical Child within.

  • After a trip into the framework of your Adult psyche, we can harmonize the Gender Poles, bringing balance and strength in Singularity. 

  • Gaining momentum, the energies of the High Self begin to become palpable. The Ancestor Archetype is then brought in to focus these powerful Divine rays allowing the Seeking Coach to adjust to their impact.

  • As we continue toward a thorough unveiling of the Authentic Self, past karmic entanglements become apparent. These are then cleared.

  • Moving toward the culmination of the Program, one last check-in with the Self to align and engage the High Self connection is completed.

  • And finally, to round off the Program, the High Self is fully channeled into the Coach and the Conscious Self becomes Transmuted into the Authentic Self. The High Self is fully harnessed, bolstering the Coach's journey toward Ascension!






Mental Body



Gender Unification



Emotional Body



Ancestor Alignment



Karmic Release



Divine Alignment


Channeling the



"I found the course to be extremely informative, personally challenging, and life-changing. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge Zane puts forth regarding past life regression, Ancestor and Sacred Male/Divine Female Archetypes, inner child relations, spirit animal concepts, and the sacred Hawaiian Huna Principles."


Karen, CA

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Amazingly, the Jungian Rhythm Shown Above

is Only One-Half of the Equation, 


Here's a Look at the Other:


The 3-Selves Model

of the 

Ancient Hawaiian Huna 

The Technical Framework of This Program



* Ideal Coaching State *

Aligning with the High Self means channeling your Divine essence to this very plane. The connection between the High and Basic (or Subconscious) Self is a sacred one indeed. In order to fully Ascend to the level of Authenticity required to be your Ideal Coach, you must first clear the clutter of the Basic Self. This requires a great deal of Inner Work and is the basis of this Course.

Welcome to your bright future!

The Conscious or Analytical Self is the lens through which we perceive the physical reality. It is pragmatic, logical, and efficient. However, when it comes to deciphering the wisdom of the High Self, help from the Basic Self is required. Therefore, a strong avenue of communication must be fostered before the Divine energies can be channeled from above. This program will work first with the Conscious to clear all negativity preventing clear communication.

The Basic or Subconscious Self is the house of all Emotions, Memories, and Belief Systems which craft our reality. We cannot perceive that which we do not first believe. The Subconscious, in its metaphysical state, is the perfect conduit for the energies of the High Self. Our Basic Self is sacred, mystical, and magical, and it is the home of the Shadow. This Course works to clear the clutter of the Basic Self to work as the intermediary between the Physical and Divine Planes. With all three selves working in harmony, you'll achieve true Authenticity and oneness with the Ideal Coaching State after just 8-Weeks!

Jungian Rhythm

8-Week Course

High Self






Meet the Instructor

Interested in Enrolling?

Why Choose This Program?

If You Devote Yourself to This Program, I Promise:


You Will Develop Dynamic Intuition

A widely known and realized side-effect of Inner Clearing is the activation of psychic abilities. It is theorized that the aspects of psychic expression that become apparent through meditation and devotion to their cultivation are latent within the human being from birth. Society - in its scientifically-grounded state - seldom encourage the citizen to seek inward for answers to life's questions. It has been shown that merely becoming open to the idea that intuition exists creates the space for phenomenal experience. Ever think of someone directly before they call on the phone? Ever predict, with eerie precision, the sequence of future events? imagine this times 30. This is the power the High Self has to bring you. Now just imagine how valuable you could be to a paying client...


You Will Experience Enhanced Empathy

Among the plethora of widely-accepted psychic phenomena is the ability to empathize with the vibrational signature of another. Imagine feeling the emotions of someone else, understanding their position in life. Imagine the power you would have in the area of service. Aligning with the Authentic Self through an expression of the divine High Self upon this plane brings forth Empathic Abilities that are unparalleled.  Watch as your Dynamic Intuition and Empathy bolster your professional persona, allowing you to be a true authority in your field. 


You Will Literally Attract Your Ideal Client to You

The Universe responds kindly to specificity. Come to target your Ideal Client, merge with their unique vibratory signature, and set the intent to attract them. This is manifestation at its core. This ceremonial ritual is conducted in the first week's module of this Program, so it won't be long until the phones are ringing off their hooks.  This, coupled with your enhanced ability to serve them is a recipe for true financial success!


You Will Boost Your Professional Confidence

Altering your expertise in these dramatic ways will no doubt instill a palpable feeling of courage and tenacity within. This Program will serve to remind you that if you're not serving those in need of your abilities, you're holding your gifts back from the world. If you're not pulling in the financial abundance that you deserve, then you're denying those in need as well. Frankly, if you're not serving at your highest potential, you're being selfish. Let's end this charade now and turn your Spiritual Coaching hobby into a career!


You Will Uncover True Happiness

Apart from the financial abundance you will generate, the psychic abilities you will foster, and the amazing practice you will build, comes the most important benefit of all:

The True Happiness Inherent in the Discovery of the Authentic Self.


If you're looking to expand your Spiritual Coaching practice into a thriving career, steeped in financial abundance. If you can recognize that this abundance will enable you to serve more people and create more abundance. If you're willing to look within, to clear the Subconscious and make way for the Light of the High Self. If you're ready to allow this radiant light to illuminate your Authentic Self and expose your Ideal Coaching State. And, if you're ready to accomplish all this in order to discover true happiness and comfort in your heart as a result - then this Program is most certainly for you!




-Zane Wheeler, CCHt


Interested in Enrolling?

Praise From Past Clients


"I recently completed the eight work course entitled “Channeling the High Self for Spiritual Coaches, 8 weeks to Coming to Know Yourself Intimately” which was created and presented by Zane Wheeler, CCHt. I found the course to be extremely informative, personally challenging, and life-changing. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge Zane puts forth regarding past life regression, Ancestor and Sacred Male/Divine Female Archetypes, inner child relations, spirit animal concepts, and the sacred Hawaiian Huna Principles. The weekly courses were presented each Sunday via email and I was able to navigate them through the week based on my own schedule. Our Thursday morning Zoom calls tied everything together and Zane was able to answer any questions/comments I had. I’m so grateful for this course and for Zane. I grew as a person and as a coach. I feel centered and lifted.  I work with children and found the principles put forth in this course benefit all types of coaching and spiritual work. I highly recommend this course and Zane Wheeler, CCHt."


Karen, CA

"I have taken anti-depressants for 11 years now. With Zane's help, we have gotten to the ROOT of my depression and I quit taking my medication 4 months ago with minimal side effects. I have the tools necessary to check in with my inner child and find the root of my dis-ease. Zane, thank you for giving me the tools I didn't know I possessed all along."


Samone, Santa Rosa

"Zane is a masterful healer. I my sessions with him he took me to a relaxed state I was probably the most relaxed in my life. Amazing. Then we were able to clear emotional blocks I did not know I had! I am happy to recommend him. You are in good hands at the Golden Road."

Laszlo, San Francisco

"I have worked with Zane now over a series of sessions and can't speak highly enough of his practice. I've had breakthroughs which include the somatic healing of a skin disorder, finding a truly powerful spirit guide, and connecting with my truest self. I even found my inner mate; seeing myself through his eyes gave me a realization I will never forget- I'm exuberant, beautiful, and full of life. From clearing trauma to simply uplifting his clients, Zane's method is a direct path to success, enlightenment, and self-realization. His style is calm and soothing, while remaining authoritative and powerful. His home office feels safe, inviting and professional. I strongly recommend the Golden Road to any curious minds- his work speaks for itself."

Noel, Santa Rosa

"I would highly recommend Zane Wheeler to anyone who is serious about change. This was my first experience with hypnosis and Zane's care and professionalism allowed me to relax. I would say hypnosis has changed my life."

Mary, Santa Rosa

"Zane is a very thoughtful, mindful and compassionate therapist with a great sense of humor and a lot of genuine enthusiasm for your success. He represents the best blend of amiable support and professional excellence. Do not hesitate to give his practice a try for a journey in the self; you won't ever regret it."


George, San Francisco

"I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease for quite some time now, and until I saw Zane, my treatments had not been working like I had hoped. I felt like I needed to release some old emotions before I can truly heal, but I wasn’t sure how to go about that. Then I had a session with Zane and he provided a safe place for me to explore and express what I needed to, and that experience helped me release some old emotions and heal some very old traumas. I left there feeling so much lighter and really hopeful for my healing process. He is truly a gifted healer!"

Michelle, Santa Rosa

Interested in Enrolling?