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  • Instant Access to First 3-Weeks of Full Course (No Discovery Call Required)

  • Over 2-Hours of Video Training 

  • 2 Videos of  Coaching Tactics

  • Meditative Training

  • Removal of Negative Thinking

  • Clearance of Childhood Trauma 

  • Over 2-Hrs of Downloadable Guided Meditation

  • Simple Upgrade to Full Course

  • An Unbeatable Price!


Upon Enrollment, You Receive:


  • Access to Full Course (Over 8-Weeks)

  • Care Package for Meditative Work

  • Over 8-Hours of Video Training 

  • 7 Videos of Targeted Coaching Tactics

  • Meditative Training

  • Removal of Negative Thinking

  • Clearance of Childhood Trauma 

  • Over 5-Hours of Downloadable Guided Meditation

  • The Opportunity to Discover New Abilities!

  • Freedom to Channel and Find Your Authenticity!

  • Freedom to Become That Amazing and Successful Coach You Deserve to be!



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"What a moving and transformational experience!"

- Amy, CA

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Praise From Past Clients

"I have taken anti-depressants for 11 years now. With Zane's help, we have gotten to the ROOT of my depression and I quit taking my medication 4 months ago with minimal side effects. I have the tools necessary to check in with my inner child and find the root of my dis-ease. Zane, thank you for giving me the tools I didn't know I possessed all along."


Samone, Santa Rosa

"Zane is a masterful healer. I my sessions with him he took me to a relaxed state I was probably the most relaxed in my life. Amazing. Then we were able to clear emotional blocks I did not know I had! I am happy to recommend him. You are in good hands at the Golden Road."

Laszlo, San Francisco

"I have worked with Zane now over a series of sessions and can't speak highly enough of his practice. I've had breakthroughs which include the somatic healing of a skin disorder, finding a truly powerful spirit guide, and connecting with my truest self. I even found my inner mate; seeing myself through his eyes gave me a realization I will never forget- I'm exuberant, beautiful, and full of life. From clearing trauma to simply uplifting his clients, Zane's method is a direct path to success, enlightenment, and self-realization. His style is calm and soothing, while remaining authoritative and powerful. His home office feels safe, inviting and professional. I strongly recommend the Golden Road to any curious minds- his work speaks for itself."

Noel, Santa Rosa

"I would highly recommend Zane Wheeler to anyone who is serious about change. This was my first experience with hypnosis and Zane's care and professionalism allowed me to relax. I would say hypnosis has changed my life."

Mary, Santa Rosa

"Zane is a very thoughtful, mindful and compassionate therapist with a great sense of humor and a lot of genuine enthusiasm for your success. He represents the best blend of amiable support and professional excellence. Do not hesitate to give his practice a try for a journey in the self; you won't ever regret it."


George, San Francisco

"I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease for quite some time now, and until I saw Zane, my treatments had not been working like I had hoped. I felt like I needed to release some old emotions before I can truly heal, but I wasn’t sure how to go about that. Then I had a session with Zane and he provided a safe place for me to explore and express what I needed to, and that experience helped me release some old emotions and heal some very old traumas. I left there feeling so much lighter and really hopeful for my healing process. He is truly a gifted healer!"

Michelle, Santa Rosa

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