The Roman Occupation pt1

Part 1

Northern Britannia - 4th Century CE. A young man stumbles upon a mysterious hedgerow which seems to encircle a large area in the midst of a seemingly desolate part of an open, green plain. His confusion was peaked by this discovery as his previous understanding of his homeland, upon which he stood, hadn't ever contained such an anomaly. As he allowed his curiosity to eclipse his pronounced disbelief, he began to explore the perimeter of the large, perfectly manicured hedgerow to find very quickly that it lacked an obvious entrance point. Luckily, the tenacious man was armed with a broadsword which he quickly drew and commenced to cutting a large hole in the dense foliage. As he broke through the three-foot-thick barrier, he was astonished to find himself face to face against a large green wall. As he gained a better perspective on what he had discovered, he found to his amazement that he had laid his eyes not upon a wall but a gargantuan steppe pyramid who's walls were adorned with a thick covering of moss.

As I lay in trance, having begun a hypnosis session under the pretense of discovering a wall which stood between my healing and I, I quickly found that I had unwittingly entered a past life. It was now apparent to me that my fantastical galavanting as a knight in medieval times which occupied my time as a young boy proved to be a vestige of a previous incarnation spent as a Celt in ancient Britain. His name was Teuto, a name which denoted strength and leadership, a royal name, short for Teutorigos, which would later evolve into the surname Tudor, a renowned english lineage. Feeling as though a piece of my own lineage had fallen into alignment, I smiled contently and proceeded to climb the mystical pyramid in my Inner World.

His arms outstretched to their extent, Teuto could barely reach the ledge atop the first steppe. He hoisted himself up and balanced himself upon the