The Roman Occupation pt2

Part 2

Now affectionately having been dubbed the nickname 'Teuto', our hero reemerges in the second installment of this little-known Celtic saga.

In my second regression session, my inner eyes adjusted on the scene back in war-torn Britannia and we found my ancient self situated at a table, surrounded by colluding members of a movement that had been assembled to rise up against the foreign Roman invaders. Teuto barked orders and fomented insurrection, and as any good leader should, accepted any new ideas posed by his trusty followers. Thusly, a plan was slowly developed.

My intention in returning back to this scene for a second session was to see where this ancient memory would take us. In the session prior, an excessive amount of time elapsed which made it impossible to conclude the journey in one sitting. We had established that this ancient version of me was a natural, competent, and tenacious leader, behind whom a small nation would follow.

Naturally, my excitement and anticipation could scarcely be contained.

As Teuto and his obsequious followers hatched a plan that would no doubt be considered both intrepid and impetuous, I listened for any details I could perceive. It seemed that our courageous hero would send a fake message to the nearby Legate who was in command of a rather sizable number of Roman troops just to the east of Teuto's vi