The Energetics of Love pt2

Part II - The Removal Process

With my client Anna lying supine in my office, thoroughly entranced (relaxed and introspective), we were able to begin our journey into the deep mind, the journey into the very heart of her revenant relationship. As you read ahead, please keep in mind the notion of our ‘field of interconnection’ from the previous article. With particular emphasis not only on its profound impact on our everyday lives, but more importantly, its pivotal role in love relationships. But, more on that in a moment — back to the business at hand: helping this client!

Our goal was simple: we were to make contact with an internal representation of her ex-husband using a technique called Etheric Plane Communication. When the mind and body are relaxed, they merge beautifully as would two great rivers spilling into a sea; the sea in this context being our trance state. A wholly aligned body/mind complex produces a perceptual short-circuit wherein the experiencer can traverse an inner world, assessing emotional complications from an uninhibited, mystically fluid mental state. Hypnotherapists and Trance Coaches utilize this state by empowering their clients to unearth their own issues, and as the trance state functions also as a ‘flow’ or resource state, issues are examined with brand new eyes and solvedusing this natural alignment with positivity.

Traumas, pain, complications, hang-ups, and resentments bubble from the depths of this sea, naturally releasing themselves upon reaching the surface in a truly beautiful dance of internal reunification.

From within this exquisite internal context, both Anna and I confronted the inner archetypal apparition (the metaphysical stand-in) of her ex-husband. Imagine for a moment, dear reader, that those iterations of your estranged father or best friend, confronted in your dream state while asleep, could be brought before you and intentionally dialogued with; imagine which conflicts could be resolved or emotional heights reached. Trance allows for this by making use of this ‘loophole’ in consciousness. We’ve effectively accessed her dream state while waking and the perceptual mind knows not the difference. (For a deeper look into this phenomenon, see my write-up on The 3-Mind Model.)

Her ex-husband Chris, when evoked, appeared before Anna in her mental landscape and assumed a rather sheepish disposition. Her body language immediately shifted to a more ‘reserved