The Palm Shard

"He knew that the hour soon approached when he would be forced into mortal combat with his fellow crewmen…men who were under his command and would lose an arm for him if he needed would soon be made to fight him to the death.”

Gaff awoke groggily. The tiny enclosure in which he slept had been his home for more days than he cared to remember. His back ached as he turned to rest on all fours, the morning sun beating down upon him. His tattered clothing barely provided enough covering to block his warn skin from the blistering elements. As his eyesight slowly returned, he was met with the almost intolerable realization that he was not in his bed with his loving wife as he had dreamed, but trapped, on this beach, in a small cage. He was aligned beside a row of a number of other cages within which the crewmen of his small merchant vessel laid. They had been attacked by pirates some days prior, and the end seemed near — at least he had hoped.

A memory of a life lived as a sailor, fishermen, or pirate is not uncommon when working with past life regression. The life of a seaman was an unavoidable lot for many throughout history, as the economy of many nations relied on those brave voyagers who were to pull straight from the waters the gold upon which a society could thrive. This particular memory was accessed by a client who was suffering from some rather pernicious thoughts relating to knives and violence. Their name and gender will be withheld for purposes of confidentiality, but they have agreed to have their amazing journey told here — enjoy!

He met eyes with his starving, hopeless first mate, his best fri