The Magic of Manifestation

I thought to myself, “if this works, I’m going to write about it.”

So here I am. One day, not long ago, I drove through the pouring rain. Heading to a lunch meeting downtown, I watched with some slight fear as the wipers on the windshield beat at their quickest rate, barely keeping up with the deluge of water crashing down. Luckily, my fellow drivers elected to use their headlights in this mid-afternoon outing, otherwise there would surely have been a collision due to the severe degree to which my sight was obscured.

My destination was only a four mile drive, but in this downpour, it felt like an entire county away. I was alone and I began to think. “I wonder if what’s happening to me right now is a lesson?”

Somewhat bewildered by the notion, I refocused upon the road. I had kept my cool throughout the day in spite of the fact that I had in my past been prone to stress and anxiety in times like these. And, to this I began to think that I had, in some way, passed a small test.

I smiled, pondering, “what if everything I was experiencing right now was a test? Some sort of opportunity for growth?”

I decided at that moment that I would relate to my present car ride in this way…

“Obstacles arise in the hero’s journey”, I thought, “and if I’ve learned anything from my studies of myth, I can say with some certainty, that these obstacles are both a symbol for and a test of the hero’s internal composure. They are lite