Ascension in a Nutshell

With all this talk of Ascension lately, one might beg the questions: “what is it really? Why is it a topic in New Age circles? How does it affect me? And, if it does, where can I get real information on it?” Valid questions, I’d say. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find concrete answers.

Luckily, that’s where I come in.

As a Spiritual Coach, I’ve synthesized years of research and study of occult and metaphysical themes into a private one-to-one interfacing service for clients seeking guidance on their spiritual paths. I work to align them with their personal sense of “knowing” within. Some call it ‘intuition’, others ‘gnosis’; but I like to call it the wisdom of the body. And you can take it from me, this wisdom is profound. And yes — we all have it — even you.

Why do you care? Well, that’s simple: what if I told you that it is this wisdom you possess that will lead you through the trying times ahead with supreme accuracy? And I’m so sure of this that I’ve based my entire career on this “personal wisdom” and its ability to guide my clients to achieve amazing feats of healing, time and again. And boy has that choice paid off.