The New Age Inversion

Seven Reasons Why Love and Light May Come with a Price

Okay, okay, I know. For those of you who are aware of my work, this topic might seem a bit hypocritical, but hey — I’m only human. I’m on this same ride of spiraling unfoldment as you are, so just know this: I pledge to continually refocus my view of reality, adjusting to and testing new info as it’s presented and never wasting my mental energy on fixating upon one belief system for too long. All I can do is gnostify my way through this web of opposing energies until I’ve landed on something I can stomach for long enough to write an article about.

Sure, that sounds negative, but c’mon, are we not living in the most impermanent universe ever? How are we to become rigid about any form of thinking when we truly have NO IDEA what’s going on out there?

But honestly, I find comfort in that impermanence. I like that I don’t know. I love that there’s more to know and I won’t stop in my pursuit of truth no matter how arduous the journey becomes — I can promise you that!


Please note that I write this article not as a venting arena for my own discontent but, rather, because I believe that all of us deserve the opportunity to continue to expand our awareness. It has come to me intuitively that certain aspects of this New Age belief system feel almost incomplete — like there’s something more beyond its scope that we’re not being let in on.

As I adopted this investigative mindset and began observing the movement with new eyes, many inconsistencies started to sift out. The most glaring of which is simple: the New Age movement has embedded in its t